The first word of the distinctive titles and brand names of diolkos group comes from the ancient diolko. Instead of others, a relative trailer of the film which was creating by T.P. Nassios, G. Polizos, N. Mikas is found in the site of the company titled “Diolkos 1500 years”

The film presents the Ancient Greek Technology . It is produced by Technical Chamber of Greece with association of Society for the Study of Ancient Greek Technology.

The film (duration 22 minutes), which is created with the technique of animation, represents with a unique way the major monument of the technical culture of ancient Greece, Diolko: an overland passage which was used until the construction of the channel for the transition of the ships between the Gulf of Saronikos and the Gulf of Corinth across the Isthmus of Corinth. The film describes important ancient Greek technologies and on the same time shows various scenes from the sailor’s lives.  

The story in the film takes place in the area of Ancient Corinth around the Mid-4th century B.C.  

The wealthy and renowned city of Corinth had two ports: one in the north (named Lechaion in the Gulf of Corinth) and the other in the south (named Kenchreai in the Gulf of Saronikos). The ships which unloaded their cargo at Lechaion and continued their journey eastwards, instead of going around the whole of the Peloponnese travelled on land across the Isthmus of Corinth (Diolkos) to the Gulf of Saronikos, upon which they sailed to their destination. Westbound ships from the East did reverse and continued via the Gulf of Corinth.

The DVD is produced and sold by Technical Chamber of Greece.